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Gulf Restoration Reference Documents

The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) is required by Act 523 of the 2009 Regular Legislative Session, to produce an Annual Plan that inventories projects, presents implementation schedules for these projects, and identifies funding schedules and budgets. This Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Annual Plan provides an update on the state's efforts to protect and restore its coast and describes the short- and long-term results that citizens can expect to see as the state progresses toward a sustainable coast.

The Louisiana Coastal Master Plan sets forth an ambitious path to create a more sustainable coastal Louisiana landscape. The 2023 Coastal Master Plan will provide important information to Louisiana's coastal citizens, allowing them to protect their families, manage businesses, and plan for the future. The 2023 Coastal Master Plan moves towards the protection and restoration goals of reducing coastal flood risk, promoting sustainable ecosystems, providing habitats for a variety of commercial and recreational activities coast wide, strengthening communities, and supporting regionally and nationally important business and industry. It builds on the past and establishes clear priorities for the future through an integrated and comprehensive approach.

Florida Oceans and Coastal Council (undated). Annual Science Research Plan 2013-2014.

GoCoast 2020 Commission (2012). Go Coast 2020 Final Report.

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (2013). Gulf of Mexico Comprehensive Plan.

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force Science Coordination Team (2012). Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Science Assessment and Needs.

Gulf of Mexico Alliance (undated). Governors' Action Plan III for Healthy and Resilient Coasts 2016-2021.

Joint Florida Gulf Estuary Programs (2013). Southwest Florida Regional Ecosystem Restoration Plan.

Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task Force (2008). Gulf Hypoxia Action Plan 2008.

National Wildlife Federation (2013). Restoring a Degraded Gulf of Mexico: Wildlife and Wetlands Three Years Into the Gulf Oil Disaster.

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Ocean Conservancy (2011). Restoring the Gulf of Mexico: A Framework for Ecosystem Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico. New Orleans, Louisiana.

Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economies (RESTORE) of the Gulf Coast States Act of 2012.

The Pew Environment Group (2011). A Once and Future Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem: Restoration Recommendations of an Expert Working Group.